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The Matrimonial Department

Dealing with the breakdown of a marriage can leave both parties with serious financial and emotional problems. S.S Basi & Co LLP have a dedicated and committed team to help you through difficult time in litigation proceedings, whether it is divorce, child arrangements, financial settlement etc.

Through the Matrimonial Department, you can expect to find a thorough consultative process before each case is taken on, to delicately weigh each case on its own merits and to advise and pursue the optimum that can be achieved.

We cover a wide range of Matrimonial related areas, which cover the following:

  • Divorce
  • Mediation/reconciliation
  • Separation & Annulment
  • Financial Settlement
  • Matrimonial Home Rights
  • Maintenance for you and your children
  • Access to your children
  • plus many other Family and Children Law areas
  • Consultation £50
    For expert legal advice please contact us on:
    020 8518 1236
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