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Our Fees

Immigration fees

Our fees vary from area to area within Immigration however we have broken down the sub areas for your ease of reference and attached a summary of what this entails as well as the price range of each area. The fees vary depending on the complexity of the matter and whether the opinion of Counsel would be required as well as attendance by Counsel.

Motoring Offences (Summary Offences)

This type of matter would entail a senior specialist from our team attending the client, taking instructions from the client, providing advice and requesting further information or documentation, preparation for the hearing and arranging representation at court.

Our Fees:           £500.00 – £1000.00 + VAT

*The fee is dependent on whether or not representation is required at the hearing and whether the matter is defended or not.

Conveyancing (Residential)

Our fees for acting on behalf of a client in a residential Conveyancing mater would largely depend on the value of the property as well as numerous other factors. Click here to learn more about our Conveyancing Fees.

Probate (Uncontested)

We will meet with the client provide advice and talk through what documentation and information is required to obtain Probate. After having collated all of the documentation required we will prepare all Probate and Inheritance Tax forms and submit them on behalf of our client. Click here to learn more about our Probate fees.